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DMK is the brain child of the conceptually thinking scientist Danné King and is designed to manage the skin systematically with scientific botanic formulas.

The DMK brand embraces professional paramedical products and treatment protocols, however the calibre of DMK is best expressed through the results that it delivers.

This is a plasmatic effect caused by the Enzyme therapy masque. This may last for approximately 2hrs after a treatment. The effect is due to the increased capillary dilation action of the enzymes. Lymphatic drainage is improved and increased blood flow and oxygenation of the skin. Creating a brighter clearer complexion, and a tightening of the muscles.

To find out if one of our programs is suitable for you contact us to book in for a professional skin analysis
and we will tailor a program for your condition.

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DMK Acne skin care program before
DMK Acne skin care program after


Acne can be an inherent, genetic condition or can be caused by external factors, such as hormonal fluctuations, stress, medications, hot or humid climates and irritating cosmetic ingredients. It is a chronic inflammatory disorder caused by fast cell turnover, fast oil flow and an abnormality in the cell division where cells flatten out too early and stick to the sides of the oil glands and hair shafts. If left untreated, congestion can advance to acne.

Solution: Stabilise the skin and regulate the dysfunctions that contribute to the acne condition by removing blockages within the ducts and regulating oil flow and cell turnover. DMK takes into account the individual condition and tailors a program to revise and preclude the recurrence of acne.

Products: acne wash, beta gel, pore reduction drops, moisture balancer, acu crème, herb & mineral mist, solar damage gel, transdermal sunblock, retosin, actrol powder, acu gel, dermatox, foamy lift and exoderma peel, micro peel, acu masque, DMK efa+
Treatments: dermatox, Sebum Soak, Quick Peel, Prozyme, Pro Alpha1 Occlusion, melanoplex drops, Enzyme Therapy, RP (Remodeling Procedures), Hydradermaze, pH Variations.

Enzyme therapy treatments improve the skin’s ability to function by dissolving dead cells and impurities trapped within the skin. This in turn restores vital cellular nutrition and oxygenation, required for cellular regeneration.

Enzyme Therapy stimulates collagen production, restoring structural integrity back to the skin. It is suitable for a wide range of conditions such as aged skin, sun damage, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

Enzyme Therapy Enzyme Masque 1:

Unique to DMK, Enzyme Therapy uses transfer messenger enzymes. It focuses on skin performance and aids in skin functioning allowing the skin to work at its peak. It is designed to increase lymphatic drainage and creates a reverse osmosis which is like a cell cleansing. Suitable for most skin conditions, Enzyme Masque 1 aids in firming and tightening the skin and increasing bounce.


The Muscle Banding Treatment provides breathtaking results. Desired by many, for its instant tightening qualities. It is perfect for special occasions. The treatment is finished with a Transdermal infusion which looks the integral nutrients into the skin.


An effective resurfacing and skin regeneration treatment, designed for sun damaged, sluggish pigmented and congested skin conditions, The package includes six weekly treatments, retosin and DMK EFA+.


Enzyme Masque 2 & 3 (Muscle banding): Muscle Banding Treatments work to strengthen and restore stronger and firmer tissue. Containing all the essential amino acids necessary to aid in strengthening the skin tissue, Muscle Banding is good for loose skin on the neck as well as weakened or inflamed skin. Enzyme Masque 2 & 3 should be performed in a 6, 8 or 12 week course and then maintained with monthly treatments.

The DANNE Muscle Banding Treatments lighten, tone and firm the face and neck with visible results after just one treatment.

dmk muscle banding therapy


Aids in skin proper functioning.
from $130.00


Visible results after just one treatment


Package includes six weekly treatments, retosin and DMK EFA+

Call today for an appointment PH: 07 3806 1183


An Advanced treatment program designed for people who don’t or can’t have a Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel. This is a 6 – 12 week program depending on the condition of the skin. This is suitable for sun damaged, thickened skin, wrinkled skin, fine lines pigmentation, millia, uneven and discoloured skin. Recommended for congested or acne prone skin.

Hydradermaze commences with the exfoliation of dead cell material followed by a Pro Alpha #1 Occlusion designed to assist in the removal blackheads and congestion from the skin. DMK’s signature Enzyme Therapy is then applied to encourage the skin to function optimally and rebalance the dysfunctions which cause the acne condition. Treatments can be performed weekly or fortnightly while a Home Prescriptive regime will be prescribed for ongoing maintenance.


A-Lift (Aesthetic lift) Fancy a lift? This is an age management 12 week skin revision program. Working to revise the structural integrity of the skin it involves weekly treatments for 12 weeks. The A-Lift is recommended for those seeking youthful, firm looking skin which performs at its peak.

BIHAKU : Pigmentation Treatment

Bihaku Revision is a treatment program intended to plump and hydrate the skin and enhance the brightness of the complexion. It has been specifically designed to even out skin tone, texture and brighten darker skin tones, dark circles around the eyes and trauma induced pigmentation (e.g. Pigmented acne scaring). It may be used on most skin types (including people with typically darker oriental or sub continental complexions and some darker skin tones that are prone to pigmentation.

You will require 2 Enzyme treatments prior to the commencement of this program. This program usually takes ten days of consecutive treatments the majority are applied at home. day 5 and day 10 you come back in for lift off enzyme treatments to remove any dead cell buildup. Home care needs to be continued after program.


This light non-invasive treatment focuses on strengthening, firming and rebuilding the skin. Great for fine lines and superficial wrinkles as well as fragile, weakened or dehydrated skin types. The price includes one professional application, Lift-Off Masque, Transdermal Nutrition Infusion and Home prescriptives: Retosin and DMK EFA+.
From $470.00


Advanced 6 – 12 week treatment program.


Alkaline Wash is an effective painless and harmless hair removal procedure for the face and body.
FACE from $95.00


This treatment is an effective resurfacing procedure for those wanting dramatic results. The treatment is inclusive of two pro Alpha Six Layer peel applications. Lift-Off treatments and Transdermal Nutrition treatments. A DMK essentials home care pack, retosin, DMK EFA+ and a Beta Gel Serum.
from $1359.00
from $1559.00
from $1759.00
from $1659.00

If you have never used or had Danné enzyme treatments Prior to this procedure you will need to have two Enzyme Therapy Treatments
Prior to the commencement of the Pro Alpha Six Layer Peel.

The cost of each Enzyme is $160.00
so please add $320.00 to the above prices if this is required.

Prices subject to change without notice

dmk signature massage and facial


The signature Danné facial includes pre- exfoliation, Enzyme Therapy, Transdermal infusion and massage
from $175.00


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