Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Manicure

Gel Nail soak off $20.00

Medi Pedi with Bio Sculpture Gel $110.00

Everlasting Colour $55.00

French or Overlay $65.00

Extensions $95.00

bio sculpture gel nail manicure
bio sculpture nail treatments

Bio Sculpture offers several nail treatments that provide nutrients to strengthen your nails and prevent them from becoming dry or brittle. These nail treatment products are used during manicure and pedicure treatments as well as gel preparation – providing essential nutrients which enhance nail growth and act as nail strengthener.

All treatments are available for personal use. We advise these are applied regularly to moisturise and nurture the skin and nail. Hold your cursor over each product for details.

Bio Sculpture will last three weeks on your nails and about six to eight weeks on toe nails, as they grow a lot slower than finger nails. Some clients may last longer as they look after and maintain their nails well and others clients who are hard on their nails may only last two weeks. It’s recommended to re-apply Bio Sculpture Top Coat more regularly while on holiday to protect your Gel nails from sun cream and chlorinated water.

There is no abrasive preparation, no priming or dehydration and very minimal buffing so the natural nail should not be dehydrated or damaged.

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